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For the past five years we tried really hard to make our music sound otherworldly, with no reference to reality that surrounded us but it turned out harder than we thought. It all led to the music of great escape, of the parallel universe when you can sing happy songs about love all the time. We mindlessly try to hide in our cosy art like we try to sit out the unpleasant events of everyday life in Russia in our cosy small rented flat. We surround ourselves with colorful images and cheerful sounds and try to sink in them as deep as we can. Of course our music will never reflect the agenda of modern life but it will always break it through the prism of our feelings.

…"Look Around, What You'll See Will Bring You Down, Be Down With Me"…

Last year we spend a lot of time away from each other. Long distance relationships, that we have experienced in the very beginning, were truly inspiring times for us. This deprivation made us create non stop to fill in the hole of not seeing each other every day. So we recalled that ennui and took the best from it. Missing someone is really a bitter-sweet feeling - maybe you feel bad now, but you always know that you'll see your lover again soon. It really sharpens your perception, inspires and lets you see the life from the different angle.

We were never fans of complicated lyrics. For us the words in songs bear mostly sonic purpose - it's one piece in the puzzle that helps us finish the image that we try to create with our music. Nevertheless, we try to put as much as we can into our short and catchy lyrics. It is still poetry even though it's gathered with the set of small and simple words.

We looked for a lot of visual inspiration when we worked on our album - in fact way more than we looked for musical one. That's why we think the songs turned out kind of cinematographic. Our sound became more coherent and distinct - bouncy baseline and drums, high-pitched and jerky vocals and crisp keyboard melodies. As the visual part was so important we decided to collaborate with an artist on our album art. We approached a Swedish illustrator Ida Sundin and she created a very cute art for us. We also are going to produce some merch inspired by Ida's illustrations.


released August 25, 2015



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Magnetic Poetry город Москва, Russian Federation

Magnetic Poetry are two cute kids from Moscow who also are husband and wife IRL. They make edgy synthy pop music with certain 80's glow but with uptodate dancy vibe and shattered vocals, which in this case become more of instrument. The lyrics are inevitably catchy and simple but he message is almost always the same -the escapism of two united hearts, sharing the magic experience of being in love. ... more

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